Q. What time do your services start?

A. Sunday school begins at 9:45 am and worship begins at 11 am


Q. What is your worship service like?

A. The style of our service leans more on the traditional side. We usually sing hymns and incorporate responsive liturgy, prayers, and confessions of faith in our worship. The sermons are grounded in Holy Scripture and seek to be faithful to the teachings of Word of God.

Q. How should I dress for worship?

A. Come as you are. Some wear suits, some dress sharp casual, and some wear jeans. 


Q. Tell me about your Sunday school classes

A. For our adults we currently we have a men and women's Sunday school class, as well as a co-ed class. We also have three classes for our youth.

Q. Do you offer additional Bible Study opportunities?

A. Yes there is a Sunday evening Bible study at 5 pm, and there other Bible studies offered at other times throughout the year for various groups in the church.  


Q. What is your denomination?

A. We are a Presbyterian Congregation who is a member of the Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians (ECO). We affirm the Bible to be the Word of God and our final authority in all matters of faith and practice. Click here for more information on who we are as Presbyterian Christians


Q. What do you offer for youth?

A. A Loving, Christ-centered, multigenrational church who will love your kids and point them to Jesus. In addition, we have Sunday School classes  for children and youth, catechetical instruction, as well as Bible study, fellowship, and mission opportunities throughout the year.